The ultimate building guide to home additions

Remodeled Style Living Room

One of the most exciting and intensive home improvement projects is building home additions. While it can be one of the most involved renovation jobs, it’s nothing a professional and experienced general contractor can’t handle. Plus, there are endless possibilities to bring new life and extra space to your beloved property.

Extending the Home

A popular house additions involves expanding on a room that already exists, such as the kitchen or a bathroom. This is a solid choice as the kitchen is often a space for gatherings and entertaining, while the bathroom serves as a relaxing haven after a long day. Extending the kitchen area allows for a breakfast nook or enough room for extra seating. As for the bathroom, everyone will delight in a larger area for a jacuzzi tub, a separate shower or a double vanity. Another extension option is to add a garage or storage room, which holds countless uses. It allows homeowners to keep their vehicles safe in dangerous weather and can serve as an extra room for seasonal decorations and furniture.

Second Floor Add-ons

A remodeling contractor can also assist with additions upstairs such as guest bedrooms and attics. This is the perfect way to create more space for in-laws, friends, or maybe even Airbnb guests. A spare bedroom doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it can add a lot of value to your property. If an attic is what you have in mind, no problem. Expert builders can find a way to incorporate an upstairs storage area to your house that can help to declutter your other rooms.

Bringing it Outdoors

This type of home renovation can extend to outside as well with decks, patios and sun rooms. They can be built above ground or on a firm foundation and can be enclosed or open air. Our team at Chicago Bath & Kitchen Experts has experience with all kinds of home additions and remodels in the Glenview and Arlington Heights area. We would love to chat with you about your project idea.