Turn your passion into a successful business

Remodeled Basement

Imagine a hobby that you truly enjoy but also make money from. It would be an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, right? Our passion for labor and construction jobs became a full-fledged business once we realized we had something of value to share. Here’s some insight into how we turned a home improvement hobby into a successful company.

Sketch A Solid Plan

Any great business insider will tell you that you need a plan. A business strategy is crucial because it helps you build a firm foundation that all of your other tasks and details flow back to. Construction management ranges from home remodeling to large commercial clients. It’s a good idea to narrow your focus on what you and your team does best. Maybe your skill set is strong in bathroom renovations, or perhaps you’ve got a passion for kitchen countertops. The best thing about construction jobs is that they always provide value to customers.

Know Your Product and Services

The next step is to understand what you’re going to sell. This doesn’t mean just physically, but what about the true value of your craft? Remodels and labor bring a breath of fresh air to a space, and can improve the client’s quality of life. When you have that as your mission, talking about your offerings becomes a pure joy. That being said, you and your team must also be knowledgeable, so read up on business news and stay ahead of industry trends. A great entrepreneur is always learning and sharing their insights with others.

Get Out There

Sometimes people focus so much on how to start a business that they forget to interact with the people who are already in the industry. Try visiting home shows or pitching products to home improvement stores around Naperville or Arlington Heights. Google a business near you to get a feel for the competition. These are the strategies that we at Chicago Bath & Kitchen Experts tried, and our hard work paid off. Now we’re an award-winning company with recognition from Houzz and Angie’s List, and we know you can be a success, too!